A Social Media Breakfast Revival

A few short months ago the organizers of your SMBMTL were at a crossroads.

Wanting to do more and do it better for our attendees, sponsors, supporters and speakers, we began to question what advantages our association with the Social Media Breakfast actually brought us.

With a long since defunct website, once used to post the event announcements and recaps from the 50+ chapters simultaneously, it and the Yammer group initiated to encourage communication amongst the chapters had a lot of potential. A few organizers from key chapters like Minnesota and Austin were frequent contributors, but the buzz died down and as far as we can recollect our last login was sometime in 2012..

We went so far as to pick apart the name of the organization. That it too represented buzz words which seemingly pigeon-holed us into an eternity of Facebook and Twitter themed events. That we’d forever be eating breakfast….

Except for the forever eating breakfast bit it sure sounds like a lot of doom and gloom doesn’t it?

Well, it did to us too. And we came ever so close to upending our relationship with the SMB and joining another faction that would free us from the name, as well as afford us more help with organization, budgets, national sponsors, etc..

First and foremost we considered how such a change might sit with our supporters and faithful attendees. How it would sit with us – the team that had cobbled together quality speakers, a great venue, and some decent parties for almost 5 years. We’d gotten used to a certain level of independence operating a chapter of the SMB and aren’t ones for rules to begin with.

In the end we’ve basically pulled a 180 and have made the decision to run with the name, and the organization, and have reached out to the founder of the group (Bryan Person), as well as a longtime supporter working alongside Bryan, and have offered to help kickstart what was once a thriving, collaborative, and extremely active organization.

We’ve begun by reaching out to existing active chapters and updating organizer lists with emails and social media accounts. Letting them know that something is a brewin’.

Our hopes consist of renowned speakers/authors touring pockets of SMB’s; where the sum is greater than the individual parts. Where national or North American sponsors even can be sought out to help make events bigger/better. And where geographically convenient, have SMB’s teaming up for joint events, parties, and what not..

The SMB for us is about empowering attendees. About giving them knowledge or confidence to take things back into their businesses and apply them almost immediately. Practical and proven. It wasn’t always that however, and in the beginning our motives for launching the group weren’t about bettering those around us, but about earning new business, feeding the bottom line, and building a brand.

Groups like ours, the friends we’ve made, they are not all that common. So uncommon in fact that we’ve consistently funded event shortfalls, spent countless personal hours trying to improve how we engage with our followers, and we are now asking for more.

We want your help. We need your help. Time, ideas, sponsorship leads, you name it. We have put the SMBMTL out there as a group eager to build onto the special thing we have here in Montreal. Let us know if you’re interested in sitting on the committee we’re setting up to get this thing rolling again. See you at SMBMTL 22 being held on Oct 1st.