Recap of SMBMTL 14 – Michelle Blanc

The latest Social Media Breakfast Montreal event has to go down as one of the best yet. A sold out crowd of fifty some odd guests enjoyed almost 90 minutes of insightful back and forth with one of Montreal’s renowned social media figures and web strategists.

Michelle Blanc took and answered questions from the audience and lead some spirited back-and-forth sometimes giving advice, and other times offering insights and facts about digital media and its current place here in Canada.


She spoke of the snail’s pace at which our government seems to be reacting both in terms of the lack in governmental representation and financial assistance and cited the fact that no official minister presides over digital, and that a fraction of government monies when compared to what’s spent on tourism (where digital in Quebec is bringing in revenues on par with tourism) here in Quebec is being spent on developing more digital opportunities. Michelle encouraged all to reach out to their local government representatives and tell them just how shitty the current situation is, and that something should be done about these issues.


Most were also shocked to learn of the incredibly high rates Canadians are paying when compared to other developed nations for the privilege of accessing the Internet, and at that, one that is much slower and clunkier in terms of speed and connectivity, especially when compared with our neighbors directly to the south.

This writer was particularly interested and concerned with the obvious (especially if Michelle, who has been immersed in Quebec’s digital culture from the beginning and who spearheaded the popular francophone networking event divisive nature of the francophone and anglophone communities when it comes to networking, lobbying, sharing, and collaboration for the greater good of the people and online here in Quebec. I’ll dub this The FrAnglo Divide and plan to investigate further ways to better meld these two groups moving forward.


The SMBMTL plans to convene a panel of local experts with years of experience in the industry at one of our future events, and I think the above can serve as a topic for discussion.
We’d like to thank Michelle for her time and expertise and Dana and her staff at La Bistrote for the great food and hospitality as usual, and look forward to seeing you all at our next event on June 5th.