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A Social Media Conversation with Mitch Joel of Twist Image

Posted on April 6, 2010 by Moe

Like a fine wine, the SMBMTL is only going to get better with age. We plan to nurture it, grow the community (61 in our LinkedIn group as of this writing!!! – Please join if you like!), and ensure that the discussions continue outside of the confines of the monthly/bi-monthly events.

We were fortunate enough this past week to have Mitch Joel, President of Twist ImageBlogger,Podcaster and Author, guide what we labeled “A Social Media Conversation.” The format appears to be quite common with questions and commentary coming from attendees for Mitch and the audience at large. Participation was fantastic with very few awkward moments, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mitch for taking the time to come out and chat with us, as well as those who took time out of their day to come and join in. B-Side Bar & Lounge at 3616 St.Laurent graciously sponsored the venue, and Chef Dana Elsliger prepared all the delicious food (tell me you tried the skones!!).

Special thanks to Julian of B-Side for hanging out and helping setup/cleanup. @karimacatherine has also been instrumental in setting up the LinkedIn Group and spreading the news about the event locally through her channels. You can see what she is up to by clicking her Twitter handle above or visiting hersite, and I would like to thank her for her comments and help over the last few months relating to the SMBMTL.

Rather than write, I’m going to upload all (I know there’s a lot) of the 9 YouTube Clips for your viewing pleasure. Note that the sound isn’t the greatest so you’ll either have to listen real close or jack the volume. Mitch offers up some great insight, and as time goes by (over next week or so) I’ll try and mark up some of the videos using annotations to highlight some of the key points as well as translate some questions and comments pertinent to the dialogue that may have been asked in French.

Here we go:

Clip 1: Mitch Joel – SMBMTL# 2 – Clip 1

Clip 2: Mitch Joel – SMBMTL# 2 – Clip 2

Clip 3: Mitch Joel – SMBMTL# 2 – Clip 3

Clip 4: Mitch Joel – SMBMTL# 2 – Clip 4

Clip 5: Mitch Joel – SMBMTL# 2 – Clip 5

Clip 6: Mitch Joel – SMBMTL# 2 – Clip 6

Clip 7: Mitch Joel – SMBMTL# 2 – Clip 7

Clip 8: Mitch Joel – SMBMTL# 2 – Clip 8

Clip 9: Mitch Joel – SMBMTL# 2 – Clip 9

A few key points from Mitch that I got and will take away can be summed up as follows:

1. Build a community first. It isn’t something you can build in a day.
2. 3 key roles as entrepreneurs: Understand your industry, Understand where people in your industry are (listening/talking), and bust your ass. Engage, share, help, teach, give.
3. “Woe is me” should not be in an entrepreneur’s vocabulary. If you’re not ready to put in the work to build a community/following, someone else will.
4. Contribute. Say something. Add something to the conversation. Refer somebody. Link to somebody.
5. Ask WHY. Why do your clients want to engage their clients using SM? Why do you? Strategize. Plan. Do not throw money and people at something and expect it to work. Think. Ask WHY.

You can follow Mitch and his thoughts on everything business and beyond here: BLOG

Also, check out his book Six Pixels of Separation. Mitch also speaks professionally and hosts a Podcast.

The next Social Media Breakfast Montreal has yet to be scheduled but is tentatively on the calendar for sometime in early June. We’ll be announcing details in this space as they are made available.

Kindly share any comments you have on the videos below and get in touch if you are interested in either sponsoring one of the events in Montreal or if you just want to come down and hang out. Heelatch (and myself) would be happy to host you! Thanks for reading. Jeff.

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