SMBMTL 3 – Jeff Scott & Mark Goren

SMB Montreal #3 – A Sold Out Success

Posted on June 14, 2010 by heelatch

Our third event took place last Wednesday June 9th at La Bistrote – a young and faboosh restaurant located in Montreal’s Griffintown district. The first ever SMB Montreal was also held here, and plans for the immediate future have us staking out this venue which comfortably can accommodate up to 40-45 attendees, speakers, restaurant staff and assorted equipment necessary for the presentations. Everyone seems to agree (as evidenced by the few leftovers I took home), that the food owner/chef Dana Elsliger prepares is delectable. I dare anyone to find a more information-packed 2 hour session with such amazing food anywhere in the city!

A sold out crowd of 45+ were on hand to hear @JeffScott and @MarkGoren talk about Social Media for Small Business and Social Media Monitoring, respectively. You can see their bios here: SMBMTL Announced.

Mark has actually loaded a few of his presentations up to Slideshare which can be found here: Mark Goren’s Slideshare.

Other great references as you forage in the world of SM monitoring include two websites that Mark manages; and A link on his site that brings you to a Social Media Monitoring Tools Directory is proving exceptionally useful to me and my company as we expand our knowledge in this space. Do yourself a favor and check out these resources.

While we are attempting to keep the groups small and manageable, the reception for the events (despite pretty limited “marketing”) and the feedback we are getting is tremendous to say the least. Our luck in landing engaging and intelligent speakers has certainly played a role and I’m happy to report that each event thus far has yielded some different faces from all sorts of places.

The 2 or 3 speaker/event format has served us well up until now, although I’m sensing a taste for something more from the audience. Perhaps I should ask them (by way of poll or survey…but that would be smart thing to do!). Next time I will!! Anyway, what’s nice about the event gaining some credibility is that speakers (those who actually have something to say) are either willing or offering to lend their voices to future events, whereas this was a big worry of mine initially prior to the first event taking place back in February.

Our next event is being planned for sometime in August, and I can tell you for sure that it will take place at La Bistrote once again. We’ll be posting here with speaker bios and event date the moment everything is confirmed.

Thanks again to @markgoren and @jeffscott for their amazing talks at SMBMTL #3.



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