Social Media Breakfast Montreal #5

Recap of Social Media Breakfast Montreal#5

Posted on November 18, 2010 by heelatch

Our most recent event, held Nov.3rd, marked our last official breakfast for 2010. We are polling folks belonging to our LinkedIn Group living in or around Montreal to see if there’s interest in a small Xmas get together, but outside of that we’ll be picking up again come January with speakers already lined up!

The #SMBMTL took shape back in December of 2009 when Heelatch contacted Bryan Person to find out who, if anyone was looking after the Montreal SMB chapter. Lo and behold, someone had in fact tried to get things going and fortunately for us things never materialized for that unnamed group. We’re now 5 breakfasts in, and have covered a huge range of topics in and around the Social Media world. Feedback has been tremendous and events are close to sold out each time. Our LinkedIn Group is almost 230 Members strong (although increased activity within the group would be welcome) and the Breakfast itself is shaping up as one of the not-to-be-missed networking events that take place in our city on a regular basis.

Here’s a quick look at some of the talent we’ve been fortunate enough to have come in and share their knowledge with us:

Mark Goren –, or  @markgoren on Twitter
Adele McAlear –, or @adelemcalear or @digitallegacy on Twitter
Jeff Scott – @jeffscott on Twitter
CT Moore –, or @gypsybandito on Twitter
Jonathan Kennedy –, or @jonnywired on Twitter
Sebastien Provencher –, or @sebprovencher on Twitter
Mitch Joel –, or @mitchjoel on Twitter
Karima-Catherine Goundiam –, or @karimacatherine on Twitter
Max Finder –, or @maxfinder on Twitter
Com Mirza – @thelemonadeboy on Twitter

We’ve also been fortunate that over the course of our breakfasts that Chef/Owner Dana Elsliger has graciously hosted our event, as well as dished out some of the most delicious breakfasts anyone will surely ever have eaten.

The #SMBMTL and Heelatch are looking forward to an awesome 2011 and would like to extend invitations to anyone from outside of Montreal part of the SMB Clan to drop in if they have the opportunity!

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