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RECAP of the 7th Social Media Breakfast Montreal

Posted on April 13, 2011 by Moe
Social Media Breakfast Montreal
RECAPSocial Media Breakfast – Montreal #7
Held on Wednesday March 30th at La Bistrote in Griffintown
The Social Media Breakfast Montreal (#SMBMTL) held it’s 7th breakfast this past March 30th at La Bistrote in Griffintown. Once again we had a sellout crowd on hand (55+ people) who came to hear Brendan and Brian speak, as well as for the good food and great company.Before we get any further we must vehemently thank Chef Dana Elsliger and La Bistrote for their kind hospitality and awesome food as well as both the speakers whose profiles remain below. Thanks too to Micheline Bourque for the generous loan of her projector for the last few breakfasts and without whom I’d still be running back and forth to different Future Shops buying projectors only to return them the next day…And last but not least a late addition Event Sponsor in Aleks Apkarian of who donated a beautiful painting won by SMBMTL member Paulina Podgorska of are notoriously slow at posting these recaps, and we want to let it be known it is not for lack of wanting to. In fact, some #SMBMTL members have beaten us to the punch and not so much provided an in-depth recap of the latest event, but a glowing review of why they (…he, in this case) like the breakfast’s so much.He being Ray Hiltz, and the glowing review being HERE! Thanks again Ray! Ray, among others (ourselves included), are anxious to experiment with some new formats for the breakfasts. The limited time allowed for speakers, the Q&A, and then a little hobnobbing seems to fly by, and before you know it people are heading out the door back to work! Our hope is such that future events will not only be information-laden, but a little heavier on the opportunities to network with co-attendees of the event. One of our missions is to encourage not only the sharing of resources, but the collaboration and cooperation of members whereby mutually opportunities can arise by getting to know one another a little better. We find that although the connection exists digitally (Linkedin Group, Twitter, even email), there is nothing better than the face-to-face interaction. Unless of course you’ve forgot to put deodorant on and just hoofed it 6 blocks from the metro or you’re working a mean zit ready to blow at any given moment at the tip of your nose…anyway, you get my point.And so, ideas are being welcomed now for format changes that we’ll consider for future breakfasts. You can either reach out and share via our nearly 400 Member LinkedIn group or send us an email : with subject SMBMTL Format Recommendation.Topics covered at #SMBMTL #7 were: Building a community around your blog – Brendan Sera-Shriar – Social Media Manager – Vanilla Forums

digibomb Bio picCheck out the Slideshare version of Brendan’s Presentation:

Building a Community Around Your Blog 2

Brendan Sera-Shriar (aka digibomb) has been an interactive designer, developer, author and teacher for over 10 years. Brendan studied Graphics, Animation, and Web Development at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology (Toronto, Canada), Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada), and Pratt University (Brooklyn, NY).

Brendan has taught web design at Long Island University Brooklyn campus, and was a professor at Seneca College in the School of Communication Arts for over 7 years. He is also the founder of PHUG, an open source community for designers and developers with currently over 4000 members. Brendan has contributed to many open source projects including papervision3D, red5, Firefox, WordPress, and Drupal, just to name a few.

You can find Brendan on Twitter – @digibomb, or on his Blog – He is also currently the Community Manager at Vanilla Forums.

Social Media Measurement and ROI
Brian Rotsztein

Brian RotszteinDescription

The presentation is as yet uploaded to the Web, therefore I’ll do my best to describe very briefly the message Brian was trying to convey.

In a nutshell, there are two very broad ways to measure and attribute ROI to certain outcomes: Qualitative and Quantitative.

Bean counters and old school CEO’s are more likely to appreciate the quantitative results, ie. We spent X on this promotion, Y people redeemed said coupon, and we earned Z dollars because of it.

The ROI related to Social Media efforts is hardly as black and white, and effects of a positive campaign (widely read blog post, viral video, positive word-of-mouth, or X no# of retweets) aren’t as easily traced and measured (at least in the $ earned thanks to X effort part). And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Doing good, sharing someone else’s content (a competitor’s even…GASP!), and spending an inordinate amount of time solving customer issues (Zappos anyone..sadly no longer for Canada :( ) doesn’t add to the bottom line. It is the quality of those interactions often taking place via Social Media Platforms these days, that contribute to a positive Social Media ROI. At first it starts off as positive WOM, then a tweet or a blog mention, and then Wham!, more web traffic, more incoming calls, and more sales! It is a long haul thing, and as important as being present is being real and authentic cuz Sally and Jimmy are going to sniff out an auto-response based on keywords and/or an email insisting you check out the FAQ before sending a ticket and begin to slam you.

Despite the difficulties faced in understanding how to increase or generate ROI from Social Media efforts, something tells me that the CEO’s and bean counters understand very well what a user or client generated smear campaign online can do to one’s bottom line!


Brian Rotsztein is a recognized expert in the Internet marketing industry. Being the head of and provides him with opportunities to strategize and consult with businesses, which helps them gain a competitive advantage.

Over the last decade, his unique approach has benefited companies by increasing revenue and visibility while avoiding missed opportunities. He trains the trainers on Internet marketing, with a particular emphasis on SEO.

As an Internet strategist, he has worked directly with clients such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Library of Congress, The United Nations, and other notable businesses and organizations. He holds two Master’s degrees and has taught university courses.

You can find Brian on Twitter – @brianrotsztein, or on his Blog –


Stay tuned to either the Linkedin Group or this space for the formal announcement of our 8th event. We’ve already lined up one speaker who will be treating us to a debut single and officially be the SMBMTL’s first musical act!

We’re also considering a venue change that would allow for more people and provide a space where following the event people can hang out a bit and chat. La Bistrote is awesome (we will continue to have them cater our events), but because Dana and her staff have to run around like crazy at the end of our events cleaning up and placing tables/chairs, as well as get ready for a lunch rush which packs her place, odds are we are going to test the waters and see if it works out better for both parties.

Thanks as usual for your continued support. Kindly Share and Tweet this recap at your leisure…

This event was brought to you by Heelatch. Contact with questions or for additional information.

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