SMBMTL 9 – Papadopoullos & Mihai

Wednesday October 12th, 9am-11am –  Rock & Social

Cost: 10$ – Via PayPal or at the Door (Tickets limited to 50 people – “Pay at the Door” means you must have registered online, obtained a ticket, and checked off the Pay at the Door option) Why so much?: To pay for the wonderful food prepared by chef/owner of La Bistrote, Dana Elsliger.

The Social Media Breakfast Montreal (#SMBMTL) will be holding it’s 9th breakfast this upcoming October 12th, starting at 9am at La Bistrote in Griffintown. After a 3 month summer hiatus, the #SMBMTL is happy to bring you two local talents deeply immersed in the digital world and social media. Join our LinkedIn group to keep up with event details and feel free to connect there with other likeminded Montrealers.The topics being covered and presenters at #SMBMTL #9 will be:Semantic contextualization of Social Media Monitoring – Alkis Papadopoullos

Semantic contextualization of Social Media Monitoring – Alkis Papadopoullos – CTO Voxco


As Social Media Monitoring begins to come of age, and users of existing platforms become more aware of how various products work to assist with monitoring, the ability to go beyond brand monitoring and frequency based determination of potentially relevant tags is becoming more important. Knowing the distribution of mentions of a keyword, brand or concept per key sites and networks is now considered a given, but putting that keyword/brand/concept in context is an effective way to understand whether the mentions are actually relevant, and therefore a surer way to determine whether call to action, and/or engagement are necessary and whether they can be effective. To address this need, we will present some ideas around the mechanics of semantic contextualization.


Alkis has more than 15 years of experience in applied mathematics, computational linguistics applied to text analytics, software development, and product and engineering management. Before HotGrinds, he was Vice President of Engineering at Convera, focused in web-based vertical search offerings. His previous roles include Vice-President R&D and Director Linguistic Technologies at start-ups based in Montreal that were successfully acquired by US based firms. He was also the co-founder and COO of HotGrinds, a publisher of software that extracts, analyses and synthesizes opinions expressed on the Web. He has a Masters in Physics from the National Institute for Scientific Research and is fluent in 4 languages.

You can find Voxco on Twitter here – @Voxco. You’re also welcome to keep up to speed with their products and related events here: News & Events, as well as on their Facebook Fan Page


Pay-Per Success: Revolutionizing the agency-client model – Octavian Mihai – CEO Rock & Social


A year ago we launched Rock&Social, a social media agency based on a ballsy pay-per-success model. This talk will present the model, KPIs and simple business cases. We hope our story will inspire and provide a framework for agencies who want to walk the talk. Rock on!


Tech & marketing guy, digital strategist and serial entrepreneur.

Owner and CEO of Rock&Social, a social media agency with operations in New York, Paris, Montreal and Guadalajara.

Managed several businesses, mainly in advertising, won SxSW Interactive Best of Show in 2005, among over a hundred awards and recognitions.

Worked with: Bayer, Bordeaux Wines, Danone, Hanes, Montreal Canadians, Pan-American Games, Playboy, Red Bull, Sid Lee, Ubisoft, UN.

You can look into what Octavian is up to on his blog:, as well as over at The company also runs a Twitter account. Octavian also has a personal Twitter account: @octavianmihai. And last but not least, you’re welcome to Like them at their Facebook Fan Page.

Rock & Social in the news:

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